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Furnace Scratch

  • Venue: Barber Studio
  • Duration: 75 minutes
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More Information on Furnace Scratch

Furnace Scratch is an informal showcase of raw and untested performance ideas. We invite artists from all disciplines and at every stage of their careers to send us ideas that they’d like to try out in front of our audience. It provides a safe, receptive and open environment for artists to interrogate a new project, to push at the boundaries of their creativity, to try, fail, and try again.

Take a look at the line up…

Free Fall

By Adam Young

11th September 2001 was the “gun shot that ricocheted around the world.” Now 16 years later and roughly half of all people polled (globally) still believe the official narrative of who, why & what happened is in question.



By Kamal Kaan

A Mystic is wandering the desert looking for The Beloved. Having run away from materialism and the distractions of society, in order to find the Divine inspiration. Is he just running away from himself? A Merchant is on his way to make his riches, but has lost his way. He thinks he knows himself. But caught in a place where titles mean nothing against the unforgiving desert landscape. He is thirsty for the water… An epic story of love, lust and loss.


By Caroline Moran

Dog is a dark comedy monologue about a teenage girl planning the murder of her dangerous pet dog because she’s worried he’s going to attack someone and her parents won’t take any action. It’s about being a hero in a very real-world way, on a council estate when you are 15 and all you have is your cunning younger sister.


Chatting Up

By Jennifer Carss

Jen has lived in her body for 24 years. 24 years of awkwardly navigating through the confusing haze of self-discovery and hating the word lesbian. She learnt to feel like an outsider in her own body and head. Eventually crawling through the other side, she wants to reflect on her journey in greeting her body as a friend and uncovering love where there was only loathing. Plus she loves the sound of her own voice.

Cast & Credits

Free Fall By Adam Young / Beloved By Kamal Kaan / Dog By Caroline Moran / Chatting p By Jennifer Carss /


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Captioned Performance

Open captioning allows theatre goers with varying degrees of hearing to view the full text as it is spoken or sung, including sound effects and off stage noises. These appear on a scrolling screen, positioned on or at the side of the stage.

British Sign Language Interpreted

A signed performance is the usual full production using either the creative use of sign integrated into the performance or a British Sign Language Interpreter on stage interpreting the show for D/deaf attendees.

Audio Described

Audio Described performances are designed to improve the experience of visually impaired and blind attendees. As well as listening to the dialogue on stage the customer can wear a headset and listen to a live description of the action on stage.

Relaxed Performance

A relaxed performance is a specially selected show from our programme, with slight adaptations to make it suitable for an audience of young people or adults with learning disabilities. This may include extra lighting, additional wheelchair spaces and the freedom to move to alternative seating if required.

Dementia-Friendly Performance

Dementia friendly performances are for all audiences. The theatre experience is enhanced for people living with dementia and their supporters, with adaptations to front of house service, the show and pre-show information packs. Additional dementia-aware staff, quiet spaces, clear signage and visual markers, sound and lighting adjustments and flexible seating options all help to create a supportive, shared experience.

Sing Along

Singalong with the cast in this exclusive performance. Join in as loud as you like, fancy dress is optional but highly recommended.

Post Show Discussion

Parent & Baby Performance

A Parent and Baby performance enables parents to attend the theatre with their baby (under 12 months). We make small adaptations to the lighting and sound effects, including keeping the auditorium lights slightly raised. The seating is unallocated and there is a relaxed attitude to noise.

Booking Fees:

*A transaction fee of £2.50 will be applied to all phone and internet bookings.


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