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Know Your Place (2016)

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In 1837, the Poet Laureate, Robert Southey, tried to put Charlotte Brontë in her place, announcing “literature cannot be the business of a woman’s life, and it ought not to be.” Charlotte and her sisters defied him, becoming Yorkshire’s most famous literary family.

Do you know someone who has challenged society’s norms, defied conventional wisdom or not taken “no” for an answer? Who do you know that has gone above and beyond all that was expected of them? We want to hear from you. Whether it’s a renowned historical figure like Rosa Parks, or a local hero, we want you to nominate someone from the last 200 years that you think should be recognised for their attempts to change society before us.

Know Your Place is an interactive project, gathering together individuals from the past 200 years who have followed in the Brontë family’s footsteps and defied all expectation. While the Brontës were constrained on the basis of gender, since then others have heroically stood up against prejudice based on age, sexuality, race or class.

Our catalogue of acts of defiance will span art, science, politics, business and everything in between. Profiles of our heroes will be published in an online exhibition, giving everyone the opportunity to reflect on the acts of defiance that have changed the world in front of us.

Know Your Place is a celebration of heroes from all walks of life.

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