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Multi-disciplinary professional development

Running across all of our elements is a major new initiative bringing together local artists from all six disciplines in a focused, flexible and interlinked programme of professional development. This project is called FUSE.

Each year, an invited cohort of artists from each discipline is invited to participate in intensive skills and craft development workshops, receive industry insight and the opportunity to build peer support, receive 1-2-1 support and mentoring from our Artistic Planning team, leading to an informal performance outcome that encourages and enables collaboration with other artists on Fuse programmes.

Fuse is free to all participants.

​From Autumn 2017 we are running Fuse Directors and Fuse Playwrights. In future years we’ll be adding Fuse programmes across all six of our elements.

Get involved

Fuse is run annually for a curated group of artists born, raised or currently living in Yorkshire. Participation is by invitation to artists with whom we have built a relationship. If you think Fuse is the right development opportunity for you, make sure we have read or seen your work, join the Furnace Social Club, attend events and workshops, get in touch to have a brew or apply for Summer Sublets or Scratch.

Major funders
Arts Council England Leeds City Council The Liz and Terry Bramall Foundation
Principal Capital and Families Partner
Caddick Developments
Principal Capital and Access Partner
Irwin Mitchell Solicitors