The Brontë’s. They Rock.

The Brontë’s. They Rock.

The Brontë’s. They Rock.


Hannah Elsy, Production Assistant on Wasted gives her exclusive insight into the new production.

Wasted is a new rock musical charting the lives of the Brontë family by Chris Ash (Showstopper! The Improvised Musical) and Carl Miller (Emil and The Detectives, National Theatre), and directed by Adam Lenson. The show- in- development has won the Kevin Spacey Foundation Award and has received a Grants for the Arts funding from Arts Council England. Wasted will be performing in workshop preview from the 20 – 22 October.


Wasted will show you that the Brontës weren’t just all about bodices and bonnets. In fact, the siblings are the perfect subject for a foot- stomping, guitar- slaying rock musical. Charlotte, Emily, Anne and their brother Branwell lived short, secluded lives in a small Yorkshire village plagued with ill health and drug addiction, believing that they were writing their great works into the void, that their lives were ‘wasted’.The awesome rock score gives this angst a voice as loud any vengefully gigging band.

small_christine-allado-as-anne-photography-by-anthony-robling   small_oliver-hembrough-as-branwell-photography-by-anthony-robling

Christine Allado as Anne and Oliver Hembrough as Branwell


The Brontës history is as shocking as any outcast music band shoved into the spotlight. Still living in a small Yorkshire town whilst writing, the sisters contacted London publishers using pseudonyms Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell. Their true identities were only revealed after the publication of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. Brother Branwell cut even more of a dramatic figure. He was a man obsessed from a young age with his supposed legacy as a Bryonic writer-artist-sportsman-anything. It was his right to be the celebrity, apoetic rock god. Branwell unfortunately died having never achieved his dream of literary stardom addicted to alcohol and opiates. In Wasted, he is reimagined as a never- has- been rock star.

small_rebecca-brewer-as-charlotte-photograhy-by-anthony-robling    small_siobhan-athwal-as-emily-photography-by-anthony-robling

Christine Allado as Anne and Siobhan Athwal as Emily

Wasted brings the Brontës kicking, screaming and rocking into the 21st century. It is a pleasure to be working on a brand new British musical with such fantastic prospects: exposing the shocking lives of the Brontës with a cracking rock score to boot.


Photography by Anthony Robling

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