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Meet our Supporters

Meet our Supporters

A big thank you to our supporters

The Playhouse relies on support from a wide range of partners to make great things happen.

We would like to thank all our generous funders and supporters.

Major Funders


Capital Trusts and Foundations


The R E Chadwick Charitable Trust


Principal Capital and Access Partner


Principal Capital Partners


Major Donors


Sir Rodney and Dr Lady Clare Brooke


Capital Supporter


Corporate Partner


Directors’ Club









Trusts and Grants



The Charles Brotherton Trust, The Linden Charitable Trust, Play Enabling Grant

Project Partners



Play Your Part Supporters

Joyce & Peter Johnson

Roger Calvert

Paul Shagouri

John Cruse

Geoffrey Rider

Martin Staniforth

Norma Sacchetti

Catherine Bergin

Miss S. Fisher

Anne Spice

Althea Laycock

Alan Slomson

Drs Anne Cohen and George Dublon

Anthony Blackwell

Peter Barraclough

Alan and Susan Mackintosh

Peter Sellek

Mr. D. Arrandale

Mary Herbert

Colin Fine

Sarah Morris

John F King

Marjorie Smith

Ian McGregor Brown

Anne Chambers

Nicola Down

Jim and Margaret Morgan

Stan & Penny Richards

Jane Senior

Julia Craven

Chris and Flick Jelley

Anthony and Margaret Good

Tim Tonkin

Mr & Mrs R E Jones

Dr Jackie Coates

Legacy Donors

Mrs Pamela Cowell

The family of Mr Michael Cocks



Sir Rodney Brooke CBE

James and Diana Drife

John Duncalfe

Charlie and Rosalind Forbes Adam

Clive and Virginia Lloyd

Anne Muers

Mr Roland Stross

Mr and Mrs J Thornton



Neil Adleman

Ed and Heather Anderson

Mr A Blackwell

Nick and Linda Brown

Hilary Curwen

Nicola Down

Mr R Duncan

Mike Ellis

Mrs Anne Emsley

Lorraine Hallam

Jacqueline Harris

Gwyneth Hughes and Chris Brown DL

Sarah and Bruce Noble

Ali Rashid




Mrs J Anderson

Mr D Arrandale

Ms Rose Austin

Mr T M Baines

Mr Ian Bavill

Mr J M Beaumont

Mrs Christine Bell

Mrs C Bellamy

Mr & Mrs A Bishop

Mr David Bishop

Mr Michael Bligh

Mrs Linda Boadle

Mr Allan Boddy

Ms Susan Boyle

Mrs J Brake

Miss Jean Brewis

Mrs M Broadfield

Mr Ian Brown

Mr Joseph Callaghan

Mr John Carrington

Mr Thomas Chalk

Mrs Sandra Christou

Mrs E A Colley

Mrs Sylvia Cooke

Dr Timothy Cookson

Dr Rachel Cooper

Mr Will Cox

Mr G Creswick

Mrs Helen Cruickshank

Mrs N De Dombal

Mr David Dean

Dr Robert Drewett

Mrs M E Drummond

Dr George Dublon & Dr Anne Cohen

Mr D Edbury

Mrs Susan Egan

Mrs M Emmett

Mrs H Finnigan

Mrs Celia Firmin

Dr B W Fowles

Mrs Carolyn Gilbank

Mrs Leigh Greenwood

Mrs Sarah Griffiths

Mrs Jennie Grover

Mr Jeffrey Halden

Mr Martin Hamilton

Mrs M Harper

Ms C Harrison

Mr R Hebbert

Mrs Catherine Hilyer

Ms Sarah Hobbs

Mrs R Holliday

Ms Fiona Jackson

Mrs C Jackson

Mr & Mrs Chris & Flick Jelley

Mr & Mrs A D & G Jenney

Ms Susan Johnson

Mrs Frances Johnson

Mr & Mrs P & J Johnson

Mr & Mrs R E Jones

Miss Michelle Jones

Mr A W Kilburn

Mrs Toni Killingray

Mr Philip Lancaster

Mrs J Lawrence

Mrs V Lister

Mrs Margaret Lloyd

Mrs H J Lowe

Mr Ken Lunn

Mr H D MacPherson

Miss C McGill

Mr David Medcalf

Miss Sheila Metcalfe

Ms S Moore

Mr David Morris

Mr A K Mudd

Mr Chris Needham

Mrs E Owens

Mrs J Pearks

Miss B Percival

Mr J Petty

Mrs Maggie Poppa

Mrs M A Potter

Mr Alec Priestley

Mrs Y Raynor

Mr M Rollins

Ms Sally Rose

Miss Norma Sacchetti

Dr David Salinger

Mr P Sellek

Dr Jane Senior

Mrs J Shepherd-Cross

Mrs A M Shotton

Mr & Mrs Robin & Pat Silver

Mr David Micheal Simpson

Dr J Sinson

Mr W P Skerratt

Mr Alan Slomson

Mr Ian Small

Mr Godfrey Small

Ms P A Smith

Jonathan Smith

Mrs Susan Smith

Mrs B E Snell

Mr Martin Staniforth

Ms Sue Stanley

Mr Alistaire Stead

Mr & Mrs J & D Stewart

Dr Emma Storr

Mr Brian Sunderland

Mrs Florence Taylor

Mrs J Taylor

Mr T Tonkin

Mrs C Walker

Mr R Webb

Mr John Wesson

Mrs Valerie Winder


We also wish to acknowledge the kind ongoing support of our Bronze Patrons, and other supporters who wish to remain anonymous.

Find out more about becoming a Playhouse Patron

To find out more about how you can support us please contact the Playhouse Development Team on 0113 213 7256 or

Major funders
Arts Council England Leeds City Council The Liz and Terry Bramall Foundation
Principal Capital and Families Partner
Caddick Developments
Principal Capital and Access Partner
Irwin Mitchell Solicitors